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Interesting Facts

  • There is more than a thousand islands on the Adriatic sea, precisely - 1185 (66 inhabited)
  • Dalmatian dog originally came from Dalmatia.
  • The White House was built out of Croatian stone, obtained from the island of Brač.
  • Velebit mountain  has two and a half times more plant species than the entire Great Britain.
  • Double Entry Bookkeeping was invented by Benedikt Kotruljevic (Benedetto Cotrugli Raguseo) of the Republic of Dubrovnik.
  • The Parachute was invented by CroatFaust Vrančić in 17. century.
  • Forensic Medicine and Criminal Pathology was invented by Croat Eduard Miloslavic (1884-1952). He also was one of the founders of the International Academy for Forensic Medicine.
  • The first flyable rigid airship - better know as the zeppelin – was created by  David Schwartz(1852. – 1897.), a Croatian aviation pioneer.
  • The first self-propelled torpedo was the idea ofIvan Lupis(1813 – 1875), a Croatian navy officer.
  • The mechanical pencil and fountain pen was invented by Croat Slavoljub Eduard Penkala.
  • The necktie is perhaps the most well-known of Croatia’s “inventions” is the cravat, or necktie. Croatian soldiers had begun tying identifying scarves around their necks by the early 1600s, and other nations soon took note. The word “cravat” is thought to have come from a French pronunciation of  “Hrvat” – Croat.
  • Alternating current the system that powers our homes and businesses is invention of Croat Nikola Tesla. Fluorescent bulbs, X-rays, radio, lasers, and the electric motor are also Tesla's inventions.
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