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The Territory of Dubrovnik Republic

As it had good relations with its neighbors Dubrovnik was allowed to trade trading both in the Orient and the Mediterranean. With lots of countries and towns it had special agreements and was not paying taxes on goods sold or transported trough some country. During the several centuries Dubrovnik grew into the most powerful economic center on the south of the Adriatic, and it developed a powerful fleet of merchant and war ships. Dubrovnik had over 200 merchant ships called Argosy.

At the Golden Period of Dubrovnik the territory of the Republic of Ragusa extended from Klek-Neum in the North to Sutorina (Boka Kotorska) in the South and a few kilometers inland. It included the islands of Sipan, Lopud.and Kolocep (after 1080), Mljet (1141) and Lastovo (1216), the town of Ston (1298) and the Pelješac Peninsula (1399). The coastal territory of the Republic without islands was approximately 120 kilometers in length. 

Ragusa also ruled Korčula, Brač and Hvar for a brief period (1414 - 1417), but was forced to release them to Venice.

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