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The Statute of Dubrovnik Republic

Dubrovnik enacted its own Statute as early as 1272, by codifying which, among others, codified Roman practice and local customs. The Statute included the town planning and regulations of quarantine (hygienic reasons). The Republic of Dubrovnik was very inventive regarding laws and institutions that were developed very early:

- medical service was introduced in 1301;

- the first pharmacy (still working) was opened in 1317;

- a refuge for old people was opened in 1347; 

- the first quarantine hospital (Lazarete) was opened in 1377; 

- slave trading was abolished in 1418

- the orphanage was opened in 1432; 

- the water supply system (20 kilometers) was constructed in 1436.

Today, Dubrovnik Statute is held at Sponza Palace - Dubrovnik Archive.

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